Friday, November 14, 2008

I Am Pillu

Well it would be strange for you all to accept that I have started blogging and have admitted myself to this world of Information Technology.

Well Who am I ?

Here's me :
and I introduce myself as pillu- {a Tech Savvy}, well that's the name i am known with. The name is like a sarcastic compliment gifted to me. Why i am so concerned about the name? the reason being "pillu" doesn't go with my image, look at me so handsome, painted in black and yellowish gold by the nature.

Well there's lot to say, that's why i have started this blog.
Hope To Here From All :)


saurabh said...

Dear Pillu, please post ur owners pics with u.

pillu said...

Ya Sure....

The pics are being processed so that they could match my profile