Saturday, November 15, 2008

Competing Blogger :)

Well this would not be strange to know as my competitor belongs to the category of beings other than homosapiens, the one to which i belong too.

He is known as Kalicharan or Kaalu (his nick name), infact conclusions of my investigation states that he is first blogger from my species.

How He Looks Like..? ( resembles a small bear with jet black coat of hairs covering his massive structure :) )

How He Entered The Blogosphere.... ?

Aaa.... Well he comes in the category of Himalayan Sheep Dog , As the Category is self describing, he should have been wasting his time in the himalayan ranges taking care of the creatures with thin candle like legs supporting the massive body covered in white and black fur.
But his destiny has debarred him from his ancestoral business , as his ancestors knew nothing other than this job, but exceptions are everywhere, and How could he be left untouched in this era of Information Technology. Well His exception had removed the inception that blogging is made only for social animals. (tha's really gud :) )

Hey Kalicharan watch out in this marathon of blogs. BeAware "Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrr" Kaalicharan I am here.


Kaalicharan said...


Mutual regards...and heartiest congratulations to dearest Pillu:)

Carry on blogging:)

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